Vivo to Be First Smartphone Maker With Synaptics' In-Display Fingerprint Sensor

Vivo mobile phone with Synaptics in-display fingerprint sensor

Vivo mobile phone with Synaptics in-display fingerprint sensor | Image courtesy Synaptics

The concept device used an ultrasonic sensor underneath a surface.

It's an innovation that had reportedly been hotly pursued by Apple for its latest flagship device, the iPhone X, which launched in November. The ultimate advantage of opting for in-display sensors would be the let manufacturers bring more full-screen smartphones in the coming future, complete with the ease of a front-facing fingerprint sensor. The in-display sensors work with wet, dry, and cold fingers, and can unlock devices including while it's sitting on the table, at any angle, or while in a vehicle mount. It is designed for all phones with an infinity display and is faster than other biometric security features, including Apple's Face ID.

Vivo, a little-known Chinese phone maker, will apparently be one of the first to launch a smartphone with an in-screen fingerprint sensor.

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Moorehead saw a pre-production phone with the tech and said the sensor was "fast and simple".

Vivo is indeed a "top five" smartphone OEM, at least, according to IDC, the company comes after Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Oppo, and Xiaomi, in terms of shipment results in the third quarter of 2017. Supposedly twice as fast as Face ID, Clear ID reads the user's fingerprint from beneath the screen, all without interrupting anything displayed.

The company has actually begun production of the sensor, dubbed the "Clear ID in-display fingerprint scanner". It's also fully scratch- and waterproof - since it will be protected by the smartphone's glass display.

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Writing in Forbes yesterday, analyst Patrick Moorhead agreed such technology could represent a sea change in the mobile device market. "It is big for Synaptics, but even bigger for the smartphone industry and consumers". It is unclear whether Vivo will continue its partnership with the San Diego, California-based chipmaker as Synaptics' technology is offering a similar and seemingly faster solution.

We have been hearing that Vivo is likely to launch a smartphone with fingerprint sensor integrated into the display. Synaptics said it plans to give a live demonstration of the technology in a full-production device during CES, which takes place in Las Vegas next month.

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