WWE announces first-ever women's Royal Rumble match

First Ever Women's “Royal Rumble” Match Announced

WWE Announces MASSIVE Women's First

Stephanie interrupted an all-out brawl between the Raw women's roster and the members of Paige's Absolution faction, before going into the history of the "Women's Revolution" that removed the phrase "Divas" from the WWE vocabulary forever.

The Raw and SmackDown divisions will compete in the first women's Royal Rumble next month, WWE has confirmed. Another match was added to the pay-per-view later on in the night. As it's been in the past with the men's Rumble match, this could also provide some great cameos from past superstars.

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Following the conclusion of Monday Night Raw this week, the Raw commissioner released a statement on the big announcement she made on the show, which also explained what the eventual victor of the Women's Royal Rumble would be receiving and the other historic moments WWE has created for Women's wrestling over the past few years.

Stephanie McMahon broke the news live on Monday Night Raw that there will be an all-female version of the traditional elimination match at the first pay-per-view of 2018. The bout went about three minutes, with the entrances taking longer than the actual match, which unfortunately had been a normal occurrence in the WWE women's division for way too long, even with a talented group of female wrestlers on the roster. It's been a long-time coming - can't wait for the FIRST EVER WOMEN'S Royal Rumble!

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For most of 2017, there has been one rumor that constantly simmered: the Women's Royal Rumble.

This comes as huge news for not just women's wrestling, but professional wrestling as a whole. Do you people want to see these women make history once again?

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