Windsor wedding date for Harry and Meghan

PA Wire  PA Images                   Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set a date for their wedding next year

PA Wire PA Images Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have set a date for their wedding next year

Ms Markle, 36, who attended a Catholic school as a child but identifies as a Protestant, will be baptised and confirmed into the Church of England before the wedding.

And it has thrown into doubt whether FA president Prince William - Harry's brother - will present the trophy to the winning captain as usual.

It is also, as Kensington Palace announced yesterday, the date of Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle.

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It's pretty unusual for a royal wedding to be on a Saturday, as they normally take place on a weekday - the Queen was married on a Thursday and the Duke of Cambridge and Catherine married on a Friday.

But the security costs for the event are falling to the taxpayer. More are expected to tune in for Prince Harry, thanks to Markle's US ties.

In his engagement interview he said "the stars were aligned" when he fell for his future wife, whom he met on a blind date.

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Reacting to the clash with the cup match, an FA spokesman said the organisation was "delighted" for Prince Harry and Ms Markle.

This will break a long-standing royal tradition as Markle will become the first royal fiancée to spend Christmas Day with the royal family.

"The point is that our society is one of mixed heritage and it's nice to see Meghan within the Royal family".

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