Iran says weaponry displayed by Haley is 'fabricated'

Iran says weaponry displayed by Haley is 'fabricated'

Iran says weaponry displayed by Haley is 'fabricated'

"Info I have is less clear", Olof Skoog, Sweden's ambassador to the United Nations, said when asked about Haley's assertions.

Nikki Haley, the US Ambassador to the United Nations, will present "irrefutable evidence" that Iran has violated the Iran deal, according to her office.

The United States has provided military support to Saudi Arabia, which leads a coalition of Arab states that entered the war in March 2015 to beat back what Saudi Arabia said is an Iranian proxy force.

"For months, we've seen Iran disregard global laws and norms by continuing its provocative ballistic missile testing".

On social media, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif compared Haley's speech to that of her predecessor, Colin Powell, at the United Nations in 2003, when he presented flawed evidence purporting to show Iraq's weapons of mass destruction program as a basis for the U.S. invasion there one month later.

Successive U.S. administrations have warned of Irans malign influence in the Middle East, but lying in a hangar at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling here is concrete proof that the Iranian regime is exporting arms to sow instability and promote violence throughout the region. She has tendentiously and selectively brandished pieces, including physical pieces, of intelligence to stir up hostility toward Iran, with which the Trump administration seems intent on picking a fight.

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The United States and Saudi Arabia have accused Iran of supplying weapons to Yemen's Huthi rebels, who fired missiles at Saudi Arabia in July and November.

This in itself does not necessarily contravene the deal, however, as the agreement does not explicitly forbid ballistic missile production or distributing arms.

"The weapons might as well have "Made in Iran" stickers on them", Haley said.

In the report, Guterres stressed that the nuclear deal remained "the best way" to ensure the exclusively peaceful nature of Iran's nuclear programme.

Iran immediately dismissed the evidence as "fabricated", saying the accusations were baseless.

Iran has denied any role in the missile attack on the airport, and says it isn't supplying weapons to the Houthis.

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But the evidence she showcased - four weapons provided to the USA government by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates - fell short of proving her claims.

Nikki Haley says the missile parts point to Iran's violation of an worldwide arms agreement. "It is an order of magnitude more difficult to prove that to a European or Japanese official, and it's still harder to convince them that it's all Iran's fault that the war in Yemen is where it is". She further said that its components included stamps of Iranian manufacturers.

The officials said the materiel was handed over by the governments of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and that there was no doubt about its provenance, even though in some cases USA officials did not have specific information on where the materiel was recovered. Spencer Ackerman, national security reporter for the Daily Beast, wrote: "Wonder when Iran holds its press conference to highlight all the American and British munitions the Saudis have used on hospitals, the Sanaa airport, etc". "They have not given it to anybody else", Seal said.

The Saudi-led intervention began in March 2015, while former U.S. President Barack Obama was in power.

"As you know, we do not often declassify this type of military equipment recovered from these attacks, but today we are taking an extraordinary step of presenting it here in an open setting", she said.

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