Clear viewing (before bedtime) for tonight's Geminid meteor shower

How to watch one of the year's top meteor showers

Clear viewing (before bedtime) for tonight's Geminid meteor shower

The Virtual Telescope Project said: "The Geminid meteors are ready to offer us an wonderful shower, the best of this year, while their parent body, the potentially hazardous asteroid (3200) Phaethon, reaches its minimum distance from the Earth".

But there's no need to travel far to see the meteors jet across the night sky, said Jonathan Sabin, president of the Local Group of Deep Sky Observers (LGDSO) in the Sarasota and Bradenton area.

The annual Geminid meteor shower will peak between 7:30 p.m. December 13 and dawn December 14, with rates around one per minute, according to NASA.

The Geminids meteor shower will be visible in the night sky between the late evening hours of Wednesday and pre-dawn Thursday. Usually what it means is you'll see nothing for five, six, seven or eight minutes.

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At the time of the Civil War, the shower's peak rate was about 30 meteors an hour.

Get out your heavy winter coats because this year's best meteor shower peaks tonight.

"With August's Perseids obscured by bright moonlight, the Geminids will be the best shower this year", NASA meteor expert Bill Cooke said in a statement.

The debris and grit is burned up as it runs into the earth's atmosphere to produce the meteor or "shooting star". Though the best view is from the Northern Hemisphere, according to NASA. While we are not likely see much precipitation, there may be a few clouds, especially near the Virginia line by 9 p.m.

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The flawless time to view this shower will be between 7:30 PM on December 13th until the early morning of December 14th. The thin, waning crescent Moon won't spoil the view tonight. When you see a meteor, trace it backward.

The Geminids are the only meteor shower to be produced by an asteroid.

"They can be seen with the naked eye so there's no need for binoculars or a telescope, though you will need to adjust your eyes to the dark". NASA will live stream the Geminid shower, according to FOX 13.

But if you are a constellation aficionado, don't focus mainly on the Gemini constellation.

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