Microsoft announces Reddit partnership, new AI features for Bing

Above A screenshot shows the acronyms feature in Microsoft

Above A screenshot shows the acronyms feature in Microsoft

Microsoft updates its search engine Bing with new features powered by artificial intelligence including one that summarizes the two opposite ends of contradictory questions, and the other that measures the number of reputable sources behind a given answer, reports AP.

Harry Shum, executive vice president of Microsofts Artificial Intelligence and Research, speaks at a Microsoft event in San Francisco, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017.

Reddit and Microsoft have partnered to bring content from Reddit to Bing search. The features are created to give users answers faster, provide them more comprehensive and complete information, and enable them to interact with the search engine more naturally.

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To find the appropriate perspectives, Bing is using neural networks -AI-driven computer systems based on human brains- to search for possible answers across multiple authoritative sources.

"If you use Bing or Google nowadays you recognize that more and more often you'll see direct answers on the top of search result pages", said, who leads Microsoft's 8,000-person research and AI division.

The Microsoft partnership with Reddit will utilise Redmond's AI tech alongside with Reddit's vast data to "deliver the best possible search experiences for Bing users". The reason I say "sadly", is because the search on, based on the information give to me today, is not based on Bing's new services and will still be as bad as it is today.

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Another new feature is "perspective engine" (pictured in main image) which will make sense of numbers or countries with similar comparisons, for example, the number of calories in an ice cream or the size of Afghanistan.

Android users will also be able to run Cortana as a launcher soon, both on its own and in a partnership deal with Cheetah Mobile. Further, the company is also adding "skills chaining" in Cortana to enable the assistant to book tickets, and also add an event to a user's calendar.

Microsoft has been baking AI and machine learning capabilities, from document translation to intelligent threat detection, into Office 365, which now has more than 120 million commercial users. Text in image search is now rolling out and will be available to all Office 365 commercial subscribers by the end of December. Microsoft said the Office suite will be better able to pull content across multiple documents (for example, looking up a definition or the meaning of acronym on another OneDrive document). Acronyms will begin rolling out to Word Online for Office 365 commercial subscribers in 2018. When you have a meeting or appointment coming up, Outlook will send a notification to alert you when it's time to leave. At a later date when you need the receipt, business card or screenshot, simply search for a term on the image, such as the name of the restaurant or what you ate, and the receipt will be located, with no need to remember where you stored it.

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