WaPo accuses conservative activists of pushing fake Moore allegations

Donald Trump funded group that tried to plant fake news stories

Donald Trump gave money to the group before he ran for president

This reporting was based on a list of charitable payments provided by the foundation to the Washington Post. "Like I work for this place?" The Post may be the preeminent news organization in the nation's capital, it may have more people covering events than nearly any organization not called The New York Times, but the essence of what they do - finding out what's going on of importance to their audience and giving honest, objective and fearless reports about it - still happens every hour of every day in this country from small towns to big cities.

He said at the Washington Post, the focus on criticizing Trump "sucks so much oxygen out of the room. I think I'm just going to go". "What are we gonna do about it?'" he said. O'Keefe plans to discuss several topics, including bias in the media.

As fallout from the Post's report continues, O'Keefe is visiting Dallas at the behest of the SMU chapter of Young Americans for Freedom, a campus organization William F. Buckley started in 1960.

"I talk to him all the time", Marburger said, referring to Bezos and noting that "my job is basically responsible for every way that you interact with our journalism, except print".

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The Washington Post isn't a flawless newspaper, but if you come at their journalistic integrity, you best not miss.

Bee, who questions the man's motives, also mentions that the interview is being recorded before proceeding to ask him what made him apply for the job, to which he responds, "It's like I said, I saw that show, you did that one time on the television, and I took all 37 UCB's improvisation classes, and thought maybe you would hire me, and bring me onto your staff". "And we're like [expletive] it, let's do it".

The March 2015 donation likely helped fund filmmaker and conservative activist James O'Keefe in creating a video claiming to show Hillary Clinton supporters were paid $1,500 to cause violence during Trump's rallies, which were often interrupted by protestors and fights.

A conservative activist group tried to target Washington Post reporters, planting a source with a false allegation against Alabama senate candidate Roy Moore.

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He apparently didn't realize that he'd only serve to prove how false that assumption is. The "tipster", who told a wildly inconsistent sham of a tale about Moore impregnating her as a teenager and pressuring her for an abortion, was busted by the Post while walking into the Project Veritas offices. The assumption, presumably, was thatthe Post would be so entranced by this politically flawless story that they'd just run with it - without verification - revealing once and for all that all a woman has to do to be believed by the Libturd Snowflake Fake News Post is simply say she was assaulted by a conservative man, and that all of Moore's accusers were just a bunch of gold-digging fakers out for fortune and fame.

Project Veritas would be a hilariously ridiculous organization if its tactics weren't so effective on people who don't know any better. "It informs the culture", he said.

"James O'Keefe Shoots at The Washington Post and Misses", blasted the National Review's headline.

The video was released in October 2016.

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