Apple releases fourth iOS 11.2, watchOS 4.2, and tvOS 11.2 betas

Does your iPhone X not work in the cold? Then grab this update now

Apple releases iOS 11.1.2 update with fix for iPhone X touchscreen responsiveness in the cold

Ever since it hit the shelves, many iPhone X users have complained about facing some issue or the other.

While these changes are now limited to beta testers, Apple recently released iOS 11.1.1 to all customers with a fix for the notorious autocorrect issue that turned "I" into 'A [?]'. iOS 11.1.2 included a fix for iPhone X screens not working momentarily during cold conditions. Apple iOS 11.1.2 update applies for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch (sixth generation).

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Recently, iPhone X faced an issue where its screen stopped responding in cold weather conditions. Apple started shipping the iPhone X on the 3rd of November, and a majority of the apps were updated to support the device's notch. After several seconds the screen will become fully responsive again.

On Thursday, Apple released iOS 11.1.2 with the fix. Soon after that, Apple gave a statement to the publication The Loop, assuring its fans that an upcoming software update would fix the issue. The changelog for the update mentions only these two points. The latest update, version 8.4.28, allows the music streaming app to take full advantage of the 5.8-inch display, making it look quite good, but otherwise there isn't any added functionality.

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The barrage of iOS 11 updates continue. Additionally, the update is supposed to fix an issue with the iPhone X and its Live Photos looking distorted. Apple is now testing that feature in the iOS 11.2 beta, which also improves wireless charging speeds.

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