AC-130 Gunship Simulator screenshot apparently proves the United States works with ISIS

11_14_Russian_MoD post

Russia Posts Video Game Footage as 'Evidence' of US/ISIS Coalition

Instead, it came from the smartphone game AC-130 Gunship Simulator: Special Ops Squadron.

The Russian Defense Ministry did what every other troll does when caught red-handed - it deleted both posts.

Earlier Tuesday, the MoD uploaded images on Facebook and Twitter, which it said were evidence that the USA were actually covering up Islamic State (IS, ISIS/ISIL) combat units.

The images were taken from a video published online by the Iraqi military in June 2016, showing a joint US-Iraqi mission that attacked an ISIS convoy outside Falluja.

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Another one is a consistent with a slightly edited screengrab from a 2015 promotional video for a gunship simulator video game.

The fake-news photo manipulations were nothing new for the ministry, which has previously used bogus images to support false reports claiming Russian planes had not bombed a Syrian hospital and mosque, according to Bellingcat.

"Do not humiliate yourselves and do not humiliate Russia", one Russian tweeted at the Ministry of Defense.

Early on November 14th, the Russian Ministry of Defense posted messages on social media in Russian, Arabic, and English describing "irrefutable evidence" that USA forces were saving, not attacking ISIS forces.

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AFP was able to compare the images in the emailed defense ministry statement with the images of the video game on YouTube and confirm the resemblance.

Russia's Defence Ministry said on Tuesday an employee had attached the wrong photos to a statement accusing the United States of providing de-facto air cover for Islamic State in Syria after the mistake was spotted online. However, some images are still up, including the one below, which is actually pinned to their page.

"It's impossible to tell, but I suspect none of this footage is real", Kofman said, adding that even if they were images of ISIS convoys in Syria, it doesn't prove that the USA is aiding the terrorist group in any way. "As proof, the MoD's social media account posted what they claimed were Russian drone photos of the convoy heading towards the Syrian-Iraqi border", the group said.

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