Ubisoft Believes PS5 And Next Xbox Atleast Two Years Away

PlayStation 4 Pro

The first 8 enhanced games to play in 4K on the Xbox One X

Guillemot stated "As Sony launched PlayStation 4 Pro last year and Microsoft Xbox One X this year, we think we still have a minimum of two years in front of us before something new is coming". Over 100 games, including Forza Motorsport 7, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Middle-earth: Shadow of War have released (or will release within the week) Xbox One X Enhanced updates to support the new 4k resolution.

In the 'Land of Gods', Rahul invokes Bhagwad Gita to target Modi
The Congress leader complimenting the Cheif Minister said that Virbhadra Singh is also a man of the first category. Polling for election in Seraj Assembly seat of Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha will be held on November 9.

"Ever since the original announcement of the Xbox One X, we've been excited to see how far Microsoft would push the hardware specs, and how far that would let us push ARK", said Jeremy Stieglitz, Co-Founder of Studio Wildcard.

Target Releases Black Friday Ad, Offers Early Access Deals

Odell Beckham Jr. seen at World's Most Powerful Console Xbox One X Worldwide Launch at the Fifth Ave. If you're a hardcore gamer willing to shell out $500 for the premium gaming experience, the Xbox One X will give that to you. You can still order the $500 console through GameStop's website, though in-store availability may vary.

Disney Held Talks to Buy Most of Fox
The talks have taken place over the last few weeks and there is no certainty they will lead to a deal. Notably, Disney couldn't buy Fox's core TV resources even if it wanted to.

As of right now, it seems that those who purchased the limited edition Project Scorpio consoles are having most of the problems. If they ordered a massive number of the Xbox One X and went through all of them, then hats off to everyone involved for filling a 4K gap that gamers bought up immediately. They're expected to release their next earnings report on November 27, a report that'll nearly certainly include some mention of how the Xbox One X did in their stores as well as some figures to show how many consoles they sold.

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