ANOTHER MP Might Be A Dual Citizen

Stephen Parry the leader of the upper house will reportedly submit his resignation Thursday

Stephen Parry the leader of the upper house will reportedly submit his resignation Thursday

Cabinet signed off the requirement on Monday afternoon, and once parliament approves the process politicians will have 21 days to produce their declarations.

Australia has been reeling with dual citizenship revelations since July and lawmakers have called for a nationality audit of all parliamentarians.

"Clearly we do not want any more people being found to be ineligible", Turnbull told a press conference on Monday afternoon.

"That is not part of the Australian way", Turnbull told reporters on Monday how his proposal would put the onus on the accuser rather than the members who are accused of being dual citizens.

"This is what this will do, ensure that the members, all the senators. their personal obligation is brought squarely to the front of their mind and that they make these disclosures", he said.

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'The obligation is on each member and each senator to make a full disclosure'.

Turnbull's announcement came after Liberal Senator Stephen Parry confirmed that he is a British citizen, rendering him ineligible to serve as an Australian politician.

"I take it as a given that every member of the House and the Senate, as of today, believes that they are eligible to sit in the House or the Senate".

Opposition leader Bill Shorten said he would consider providing the support the government needs to get the measures through the Senate, where no party holds a majority.

However, he said he would not do anything that would stop the High Court from arbitrating on any issues which emerged from the disclosures.

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They will be required to provide information on the birth date, and place of birth, of their parents and documents proving they renounced the citizenship of any other country before running for office where necessary.

If they had been a dual citizen, the lawmakers will need to provide details and evidence of having renounced their foreign citizenship.

"If a member, for example, were to make a statement here that was incorrect or false then they would be committing a very serious breach of privilege".

The Australian Constitution bars foreign nationals from sitting in the parliament.

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They must disclose their date and place of birth as well as those details for their parents.

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