Trump Jr.'s Halloween-Inspired Attack On Socialism Draws Fabulous Ridicule

Donald Trump Jr. Inadvertently Reminds the Internet That Free Candy Is for Socialists

Trump Jr's Halloween Tweet Proves He Has No Idea How Socialism Works

No one besides President Donald Trump would ever accuse the Trump family of possessing a surplus of brainpower or class, but Donald Trump Jr. may have set new marks in both categories with his ultra-stupid and uber-classless Halloween lesson on "socialism". "It's never to early to teach her about socialism", he tweeted along with a photo of his daughter in a police officer's costume holding a half-full candy bucket.

On Tuesday, the President's eldest son suggested he would take half of his daughter's Halloween candy "and give it to some kid who sat at home".

It wasn't just Jr.'s failure to correctly spell "too", or the timing of his message (during Halloween evening trick-or-treating: a tradition of sharing across US communities) that was widely panned.

Donald Trump not here for children having lighthearted Halloween fun.

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- Ben (blue checkmark) (@Ben_in_yeg)My dad used to eat all my candy after I came home exhausted and went to sleep.

In a statement emailed to Mic, Stevenson elaborated on her point: Trump Jr.

Several Trump supporters have previously joked about dressing up as self-described socialist Bernie Sanders and many expressed their support for Trump Jr's interpretation.

"Kids had a great time and ate way too much candy", he shared. "They also let anyone in to see it".

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The executive's tweet unwittingly sparked a debate with those on the left who thought trick or treating was a poor example of free market economics.

But others criticised him for posting an image of his daughter to make a political point and questioned the effectiveness of his allegory.

Trump Jr was not the first to use Halloween to make such a point about socialism.

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