Amazon Key Lets Amazon Couriers Leave Packages Inside Your Home

Amazon Cloud Cam    
   Becca Farsace

Amazon Cloud Cam Becca Farsace

The bundle aims to eliminate the issue of packages being stolen from a doorstep and follows a similar delivery experiment that Amazon rival Wal-Mart announced last month. In fact, the Key app will notify you when the delivery goes down and show you an instant replay. In as much as Amazon is building in security features, at the end of the day, trust is going to be a huge factor that will decide whether or not Key lives or dies.

Concretely, " every time a driver requests access to the home of a customer, Amazon verifies that the correct driver is at the right address, at the scheduled time, through an authentication protocol encrypted", says the group of Seattle (north-west). It also signals Amazon's ambitions in the growing market for home security devices, where Alphabet Inc's Nest Labs competes. Launch is scheduled for November 8, but we are confident that Amazon Key will continually evolve as time passes. If everything is legit, the cloud then instructs the camera to begin recording while the courier swipes an app to unlock your door.

The online retail giant is launching the service in some parts of the United States in November and is selling an Amazon Key starter kit - including a camera and smart lock - for $US250 ($A324). Let a stranger open your door while you're not home, especially after that whole wallet stealing incident that happened previous year? Once setup, you get live view of the deliveries to your home, as well as notifications that they are happening. The entire process is done without a key or code - and the entire delivery is recorded on a camera that uploads to the cloud.

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Prime members can also use the service to authorize keyless entry to family, friends and other service providers, including delivery companies and professional services. The bundle is now avail;able for pre-order but is exclusive to Amazon Prime members.

"Consumers are unwilling to relinquish control of the door lock to a faceless, unknown delivery person", said Michael Pachter, an analyst at Wedbush Securities.

Once it is all set up, you'll need to select "free in-home delivery" at checkout on Amazon.

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Yes, as long as the delivery driver can access and enter your front door.

What are people to do in situations such as that one, he wondered, change the locks? Once, they swipe the screen, your door unlocks and they will place your package inside and swipe again on their phone to lock the door. That's meant to let people inside know someone is entering, and also give the delivery person a chance to check for potential hazards like angry dogs.

The Amazon Key service will cost you $249.99 which comes with a single Cloud Cam, a smart lock and free installation.

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