Pokemon GO Halloween 2017 Event & Gen 3 Release Details Revealed

Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017 and Gen 3 boost

POKEMON COMPANYPokemon Go Halloween event 2017 and Gen 3 boost

Like previous events, there will be a special Pikachu for the event. You can also earn virtual candy alongside the real candy from trick or treating.

The good? Pikachu is wearing a witch hat tilted juuust so.

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A new LEGO set honoring the pioneering women of NASA , including Chicago native Mae Jemison , will go on sale November 1. Female NASA pioneers Margaret Hamilton , Katherine Johnson , Sally Ride , Nancy Grace Roman and Mae Jemison in Lego form.

We'll have to see if any other surprises are in store this Halloween in Pokemon Go! . But before you start running around in the snow trying to capture Pokemon native to the Hoenn region, you can get a taste of what's coming starting this week.

The candy rewards from catching, hatching, and transferring Pokémon will be doubled, and the Pokemon will find candy twice as fast during the Halloween celebration.

China tells United States to stop being biased
The official said the USA envisions an Asia-Pacific region anchored by four countries: Australia, India, Japan and the U.S. China, he said, uses funding mechanisms with countries that "result in saddling them with enormous levels of debt".

While dataminers discovered image assets for Shiny versions of all five new Ghost-Type Pokemon, it appears that only the Shiny Sableye is now available in-game.

The Pokemon Go Halloween event will run until November 2, and it will include a number of other new additions. "Finally, players will be able to wear the all-new avatar item, Mimikyu's Disguise Hat, created in the likeness of the mysterious Disguise Pokemon Mimikyu". Pokemon Go's staggered rollout of generation three mirrors the way Niantic released generation two, adding seven baby Pokemon (and one evolution) in December 2016, followed by the almost complete release of generation two in early 2017. More characters from the Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire games will start arriving in December, but for now, these rare Pokemons will be the catch of the season. "Last but not least, you'll have the opportunity to stock up for your upcoming adventures with special boxes from the in-game shop, featuring items such as Raid Passes and Super Incubators".

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