Caitlan Coleman and Family Released by Taliban in Pakistan

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Caitlan Coleman and Family Released by Taliban in Pakistan

All five family members were rescued by Pakistani forces who were working off of intelligence provided by the U.S.

Boyle said the killing of his daughter was retaliation for his "repeated refusal to accept an offer that the criminal miscreants of the Haqqani network had made to me".

The operation was carried out by Pakistani intelligence operatives - reportedly from the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), which has always been a source of mounting frustration and annoyance in the United States - with the army providing perimeter protection, unidentified Pakistani officials told CNN, which also cited them as saying a gunfight broke out with the captors and an unspecified number of them were killed.

The Taliban has released an American hostage along with her Canadian husband and their three children, a US official and the Pakistani military said Thursday.

An Afghanistan man emailed two videos of Coleman and Boyle pleading for help to their families in 2013, which was later released by Coleman's family in June 2014. An American woman, her Canadian husband and their three young children have been released after years of beMembers of the media make images of a posted note on the front door of Jim and Lyn Coleman's home in Stewartstown, Pa., Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017.

The youngest child is understood to be in poor health.

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He suffered only a shrapnel wound, his family said.

In a video released by Pakistan's military that was filmed before he left that country for home, Boyle said Pakistani security forces positioned themselves between the hostages and their Haqqani network captors to keep the family safe amid the gunfire.

Pakistan said Thursday it had rescued the family after the captors moved them across the border from Afghanistan.

"What I can say is taking your pregnant wife to a very unsafe place is to me and the kind of person I am, is unconscionable", Jim Coleman told ABC News on Wednesday.

"God has given me and my family unparalleled resilience and determination, and to allow that to stagnate, to pursue personal pleasure or comfort while there is still deliberate and organised injustice in the world would be a betrayal of all I believe, and tantamount to sacrilege", he wrote. The family was seated in business class next to U.S. State Department officials.

Boyle provided a separate, handwritten statement then expressing disagreement with USA foreign policy.

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Washington considers the Haqqani group a terrorist organization and has targeted its leaders with drone strikes. It unfolded quickly and included what some described as a shootout and a risky raid. Unlike the Islamic State group, it does not typically execute Western hostages, preferring to ransom them for cash. He pleaded guilty to murder for killing a US soldier but later recanted, claiming he'd been abused while incarcerated and coerced into making the plea.

Another US official said Mr Boyle was nervous about being in "custody" given his family ties. Officials earlier said they had discounted any link between that background and Boyle's capture.

Boyle's father said his son did not want to board the plane because it was headed to Bagram Air Base and the family wanted to return directly to North America.

Earlier Mr Boyle had been a spokesman for Omar Khadr, a Canadian held for 10 years at Guantánamo Bay after being captured as a teenager during a firefight at an al-Qaida compound in Afghanistan, leading to a short marriage with Zaynab Khadr, Omar's sister.

The US Justice Department said neither Mr Boyle nor Ms Coleman is wanted for any federal crime.

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