President Trump Delivers Remarks to the 2017 Values Voter Summit

President Trump to speak at conservative anti-LGBT conference on Friday

Trump to speak at anti-LGBT conference on Friday

President Donald Trump said Friday at the Values Voter Summit in Washington that "people don't talk about " Christmas anymore, promising to say "Merry Christmas again".

The annual Values Voter Summit is sponsored by Christian hate groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association, groups that engage in the demonization of LGBT people by falsely portraying them as sick, vile, incestuous, violent, perverted, and a danger to the nation. "We will not allow government workers to censor sermons or target our pastors, our ministers, our rabbis", he said.

The president insisted that he was "stopping cold" attacks on Judeo-Christian values and was determined to protect religious liberty.

He heralded the executive order that puts an end to the targeting of religious groups for their believes, specifically naming "the hell" the Little Sisters of the Poor and others went through under Barack Obama. We defend our constitution.

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'We protect religious liberty, ' he said.

Speaking to a room full of the most deplorable Christian extremists, Trump called the US a "nation of believers" strengthened and sustained by the "power of prayer". He said the strength of the nation is in the human connection made in our communities. We love our families, [love] our neighbors. "We support the rule of law and the incredible men and women of law enforcement".

Addressing one of his core constituencies, Trump didn't hold back when discussing some of the key issues important to evangelicals and Christians around the country.

President Donald Trump said Friday that the United States would maintain sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela until they restore political and religious freedom.

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"Well guess what?" he said.

Speaking at the Values Voter Summit, Trump boasted about "tremendous strides" against ISIS and his plan to decertify the Iran nuclear deal, while saying he hoped to give Americans a Christmas gift of tax reform and to deliver on scrapping Obamacare, after multiple failed repeal efforts.

The New York businessman received the largest share of the evangelical vote of any presidential candidate in history, clobbering Mrs. Clinton 81% to 16%.

"I pledged in a Trump administration that our nation's religious heritage would be cherished", he said, adding that he has done that "like you have never seen before". "We stand with our friends and allies, we forge new partnerships in pursuit of peace and we take decisive action against those who would threaten our people with harm". John McCain in 2008 or former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012.

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Turning to foreign policy, Trump told the audience: "Above all else, we know this". "We know that parents, not bureaucrats, know best how to raise their children".

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