Trump makes cryptic 'calm before the storm' remarks

Letter to the editor     As an avid observer of president Trump
    Creston Valley Advance Staff Fri Oct 6th 2017 1:30amLetters

Letter to the editor As an avid observer of president Trump Creston Valley Advance Staff Fri Oct 6th 2017 1:30amLetters

I will tell you that.

Trump, yesterday at a meeting with senior defence officials at White House, talking about threat of North Korea and prevention of Iran's nuclear weapons acquisition "to purify our target in North Korea from nuclear weapons".

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson says "there is no viable military option".

Kremlin positive over initial contact with Riyadh on S-400 supplies
Russian Federation and Saudi Arabia have signed an agreement on the purchase of Russia's S-400 missile system, a defense cooperation official said Monday.

Tillerson on Wednesday said he had never considered resigning and was committed to Trump's agenda, but failed to address whether he had referred to the president as a "moron", as NBC reported.

Trump also waded into the controversy over Hollywood studio boss Harvey Weinstein, whose future at the film company he helped found is in question following a blistering report by The New York Times detailing numerous accusations of sexual harassment against him. It took Trump almost two weeks to visit the island, and during his visit, he inspired an angry storm of tweets when he tossed paper towels at the Latinx people who'd just lost everything. When the president caught sight of the journalists, he asked them, "You guys know what this represents?"

The discussion between the President and his top aide came as whispers about how long Kelly is going to last are getting louder. For instance, could he be trying to vaguely bluff about a willingness to use force, signaling his unpredictability, perhaps with North Korea as the intended audience?

Erdogan says Turkey backing FSA move on Idlib
He later resurfaced in northern Syria as the commander of a group of foreign fighters and became a senior leader within IS. The three countries agreed in May to be guarantors of a cease-fire to help end the six-year civil war in Syria.

Another said: "I wonder if Melania Trump wears big sunglasses in public so no one can see her rolling her eyes at the B.S. her hubby says". "But other than that, we have a very good relationship".

Former CIA Director Leon Panetta calls President Donald Trump's comment referencing a mysterious "calm before the storm" on Thursday a "play for attention".

The president does not have statutory authority to void any of Puerto Rico's debt, which led some optimistic distressed debt investors to interpret Trump's remarks to mean a bailout may be in the works. While for now it appears as though Tillerson is keeping his job, that could possibly change as quickly as Trump can tweet "FAKE NEWS!".

Costa Rica vs Honduras live streaming free
In Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo scored and helped Portugal win an eighth straight game - althought it still could fail to qualify. The fourth-place nation advances to a home-and-home playoff next month against Australia or Syria.

"I think we've got a lot of bad actors in the world, North Korea, Iran", she said.

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