Nintendo fans wait hours for SNES Classic console

Nintendo SNES Classic Edition Teardown Reveals Same Hardware As NES Classic

The SNES Classic Releases Tomorrow and How Can You Get One

That doesn't mean it's easy to find, however. The PlayStation was a game changer when it arrived in 1994/1995, and it's one of the most popular video game consoles of all-time. But let's also say you decide that traditional wired controller is a little too true to the original SNES experience for your decidedly modern tastes.

"Super NES Classic Edition is flawless for any Nintendo fan, retro gamer or anyone who just wants to play some really fun video games", said Doug Bowser, Nintendo's senior vice president of Sales and Marketing. While it's not possible to add or remove games from the system, with such a well-rounded variety of games, you shouldn't have to.

This is still a limited-edition system, and if you haven't gotten your hands on one by now, you might be waiting for the next shipment.

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Starting at around 12:45pm PT and continuing until around 6pm PT, I will be hanging out and playing Super Mario World, Kirby's Super Star, Super Metroid. pretty much anything you want, really.

I would absolutely love the opportunity to buy classic Nintendo games piecemeal on my Switch, but I'm not sure it's coming anytime soon.

Rather, today is all about the SNES Classic, a piece of hardware that holds the key to unlocking Star Fox 2, a long-lost and once canceled SNES game that's exclusive to the Classic. All you have to do to unlock it is complete the first level of Star Fox, and then an entirely new game is opened up to you. You can see the SNES Classic splash page here, although there are no systems for sale on the website at the moment.

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The game system comes with pre-loaded games like Super Mario, Donkey Kong, and more.

You don't want to miss this. nothing's off limits. The Super NES Classic has no internet connection, so there is no way to compete online with friends. In the United States it will be $79 and in the UK the SNES Classic price is £69 (although some retailers initially listed it at £79).

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