Netflix commits $500m to Canada location filming

Netflix’s Canadian content raises more questions	
		The Canadian Press Thu Sep 28th 2017 12:30amBusiness

Netflix’s Canadian content raises more questions The Canadian Press Thu Sep 28th 2017 12:30amBusiness

However, Open Media's Katy Anderson said: "With Canadians increasingly turning to the Internet to consume content, it's a smart move for the federal government to embrace a digital future for Canadian culture", according to a Reuters report.

Netflix is also bound to supporting French-language content through a "market development strategy for Canada", which will include "pitch days" for producers, recruitment events and "other promotional and market development activities". Over the past few years, Netflix has been rubbing Canadian cable companies the wrong way as it isn't considered a broadcaster and as a result doesn't have to follow the same rules.

Following the agreement, Netflix will create a new Canadian-based studio where it will create and produce original, Canadian content to be streamed on its global service. This has raised concerns over the loss of Canadian content, worries over how to compete with streaming services and calls for streaming taxes - with the proceeds going to fund Canadian programming. Streaming services like Netflix and YouTube are not subjected to the same regulations as media companies in Canada.

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Of course, Netflix has already been doing biz in Canada.

In this light, the government's intervetions focus on "innovation, experimentation and the transition to digital", she said.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rejected a so-called "Netflix tax" in the 2015 election that swept his Liberals to power. It will establish a permanent production presence in Canada, the first time it has done so outside of the United States. It's part of a widespread reform of Canadian cultural policy that includes a review of broadcasting laws and direct government funding to support domestic productions.

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"Today's announcement affirms there's more to come as Netflix launches Netflix Canada, our permanent production presence in Canada", Netflix chief content officer Ted Sarandos said in a statement.

"This is a welcome first step", she said of the Facebook collaboration.

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