Jane Fonda snaps at Megyn Kelly on plastic surgery question

Jane Fonda brutally shuts down US TV host Megyn Kelly over plastic surgery remarks

Jane Fonda Shuts Down Plastic Surgery Questions During Live Interview

A classic case in point is when she offered Jane Fonda a compliment about growing old gracefully and then slapped her across the face with several questions about plastic surgery.

Then Kelly said, "You admit you've had work done, which I think is to your credit".

Do you believe everybody overreacted just because it was Megyn Kelly and they had high or even unrealistic expectations of her?

"You know, I feel very comfortable with [Redford], including in those kind of scenes", Fonda said.

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The question did not appear to sit well with Fonda, who later spoke with ET Canada's Sangita Patel about the interview.

We got Tomi out in NYC and asked her why she thinks Megyn's morning show is making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

As Twitter may have informed you, Jane Fonda is not about to be shamed for her choice to get plastic surgery. But Fonda, who has been outspoken on political and environmental causes throughout her life, did not cave, and instead pivoted to talking about her upcoming movie. I was constantly forcing myself on him. "Were you shocked by it?" Others have said Kelly was used to debating political issues when she was on the FOX network, but she doesn't have what it takes for daytime viewers. Affectionately known as "Me Again", it seems Megyn's narcissistic personality has finally eclipsed her self-promotion as just "one of us".

"I have, and I've talked about it", Fonda told Sangita.

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"Well, thanks", Fonda replied. "I didn't want to lose my wrinkles - I just wanted to lose the bags under my eyes", she told Access Hollywood back in December 2012. Both of them said they have interviewed people and asked them about their plastic surgery. "It was about the quality of the performance".

"I wasn't paying a lot of attention", Redford added, laughing. The new NBC show, which premiered on Monday, September 25, sparked yet another controversy during its Thursday episode.

Fonda's press tour for the film wasn't over, however, so she was, of course, asked about the viral moment the following day.

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