Iran Shows Off New Ballistic Missile At Military Parade

Iran's Khoramshahr missile is displayed during a military parade marking the 37th anniversary of Iraq's 1980 invasion of Iran in front of the shrine of late revolutionary founder Ayatollah Khomeini just outside Tehran

Defying Trump, Iran says will boost missile capabilities

Iran unveiled the ballistic missile Friday at a military parade in Tehran and successfully tested it the same day, Press TV reported.

Israel has condemned Iran's latest ballistic missile test as a "provocation" amid growing concerns over the Islamic Republic's behavior and USA threats to end the 2015 landmark nuclear agreement.

On Friday, the Iranian armed forces commemorated the 1980-1988 war with Iraq by holding a parade in which Iran's most advanced military power and abilities were showcased.

The missile is believed to have a range of about 1,250 miles, making it capable of reaching a large portion of the Middle East.

The missile was tested in defiance of United States warnings as the country's President vowed to carry on with its missile program.

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"We will increase our military power as a deterrent".

"If we take a look at student textbooks in (13) 30s and (13) 40s [falling on 1950s and 60s] except for some pictures and the cover the content has not changed much", Rouhani regretted.

What's new, he said, is that Iran says its ballistic missiles can carry multiple warheads and maybe several cluster bombs. The missile is named as Khorramshahr and was displayed in Tehran today in front of local media and thousands of spectators.

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The commander of Iranian Army (also known as Islamic Revolution Guards Corps) stated that the missiles possessed by it have an attack range of 2000 km which can prove to be detrimental for any enemy. They are also working with North Korea.

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Lavrov added that a collapse of the Iran nuclear deal would give North Korea little incentive to drop its nuclear programme in return for sanctions relief.

This news with the test arrives merely hrs following Iran's parading this rocket which in a military services celebration within Tehran.

He is due to report to Congress on October 15 on whether Iran is still complying with the deal and whether it remains in USA interests to stick by it.

Washington has called on Tehran not to get involved in activities linked to nuclear missiles.

Iran has strongly rejected the United States allegations that it has violated the UN resolution, and insists that its missile tests and rocket launches are exclusively for defense purposes and not created to carry nuclear warheads.

"But it is no good talking about this if the USA is not honoring the nuclear agreement", he said.

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