It's happening; BYU to offer caffeinated soda on campus

BYU will now sell caffeinated beverages on campus

BYU to sell caffeinated sodas on campus

BYU has added caffeinated soft drinks on its campus for the first time since the 1950s, the university announced Thursday, KSL reported. Owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the largest religious university in the US has shunned caffeinated sodas since at least the mid 1950's, the school's director of dining services Dean Wright explained in a rather blunt BYU Q&A. The faith's reference to "hot drinks" is limited to tea and coffee. "Just the small change of allowing caffeinated beverages - because it's not against our religion - it's high time". So why the change, which will begin with the sale of canned and bottled soft drinks while campus soda fountains are adjusted? "Until more recently", he says, "Dining Services rarely received requests for caffeinated soda", but now "consumer preferences have clearly changed and requests have become much more frequent". The company delivers cold cans of caffeinated sodas to students and staff on campus within minutes of receiving an order via text. A statement from the university said that the change was about being responsive to students and others on campus.

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"The Church's health guidelines prohibit alcoholic drinks, smoking or chewing of tobacco, and hot drinks - taught by Church leaders to refer specifically to tea and coffee", it said.

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The move sparked social media celebrations from current and former students, with many recalling how they had hauled their own 2-liter bottles of caffeinated sodas in their backpacks to keep awake for long study sessions. BYU director of dining services Dean Wright said in an online Q&A that the university will still not offer highly caffeinated energy drinks like Monster Beverage Corp.'s (MNST) offerings. In a Facebook post, Caffeine Corner said, "Sounds like we're still in business".

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