Xbox has a really smart system to avoid game download hell

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Microsoft is reportedly working on new Xbox One technology known internally as Intelligent Delivery. For example, the maximum memory available for a game running in the foreground is just 1 GB.

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Xbox has a really smart system to avoid game download hell

Intelligent Delivery strips a game's assets down to data chunks that are individually tagged. Instead of having to download all the languages, users will be able to select the language that they use and delete all the others.

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Developers will soon be able to tag certain "chunks" of a game. It could mean far less disc swapping before you can start playing, something that will likely come as a welcome improvement for gamers eager to simply dive into their new game. This is now not possible with the Xbox One. With Intelligent Delivery, only the required portion of the game or chunk would be needed by the system to make the game work.

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In addition, the Intelligent Delivery system will prevent Xbox One owners from having to download the 4K assets that will be used by Xbox One X consoles, as those assets will not be supported by the Xbox One. Based on the documentation we've seen, while the underlying software for supporting multiple Blu-rays allow for up to 15 discs, Microsoft is supporting a maximum of two right now for mastering. Microsoft exec Mike Ybarra recently confirmed that users can pre-download 4K texture packs to prepare for the Xbox One X's launch. For example, if you have an Xbox One title on an external drive which is then plugged into an X console, the user is prompted to download the X-specific data. It's not clear how widely publishers will adopt it, however, as there's no indication using the system will be mandatory. And as far as we know, there is no PlayStation equivalent to this system, possibly meaning additional effort for the developer in setting up their projects, which would only benefit one platform.

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As games get bigger, Microsoft has cooked up a sly way to keep Xbox One and Xbox One X download times down, not to mention save on hard drive space.

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