Pentagon confirms American ISIS fighter captured in Syria

The reality of the frontline in Raqqa

Image A combined partnership of Kurds Arabs and Christians battle the remnants of IS

A spokesperson for the US-led coalition fighting ISIS would not confirm that a US citizen was in the custody of the SDF, referring questions to the US State Department.

The US military confirmed on Thursday that an American fighting in Syria for the Islamic State has been taken into custody.

Seamus Hughes of the George Washington University Program on Extremism said his team has identified 60 Americans, at least 20 of whom are dead.

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US Marine Corps Major Adrian Rankine-Galloway told the news station the citizen was 'legally detained by Department of Defense personnel as a known enemy combatant, ' while it's unclear how long the individual was involved in the ploy. This could mean that the American ISIS fighters are now slashed in numbers.

United States officials reportedly confirmed that there are around 250 Americans who left the country to join the ISIS cells in Syria and Iraq, but there are no details about how many are still left fighting for the organization.

"Regardless of the nationality, ISIS will be defeated, and our goal is to defeat them, regardless of where you come from", Col. Ryan Dillon said at a briefing.

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The American fighter, whose identity was not released, is not the first American ISIS fighter captured on the battlefield.

Khweis, a bus driver, was convicted in June of providing support to ISIS.

He said that five ISIS fighters, clutching leaflets urging surrender dropped by the US on Raqqa in eastern Syria, had turned themselves into the SDF but that a USA citizen was not among them. "Any private US citizens/civilians who may have traveled to Iraq or Syria to take part in these activities are neither in support of nor part of USA efforts in the region".

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On the campaign trail, Trump indicated he was open to detaining US citizens at Guantánamo Bay and trying them at the military commissions there.

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