Destiny 2 Is Down: 7 Things to Know About the Server Maintenance

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Report: Details On Destiny 2's Forthcoming Leviathan Raid May Have Been Revealed

Luke Smith, Director on Destiny 2, shared that the raid will have a Light Power bracket of around 260-280, which seems pretty obtainable (if you're not already there).

After Bungie tweeted its apology it was not immediately clear which item, a pair of gauntlets, the developer was referring to and replies to its tweets were filled with Destiny 2 fans asking the company to be clearer.

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Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid date and recommended power level confirmed

Most players see the Destiny Raid as the endgame of the Destiny titles.

With the Destiny 2 servers down today for maintenance, it appears Bungie's community has turned toward introspection and anxiety during the interim.

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For more on Destiny 2, be sure to check out our review in progress, and stop by tomorrow when we'll be livestreaming the game's first major event, the Leviathan Raid.

"These are your moments to discover - your mysteries to solve".

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YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are your friend: If you're racing to be one of the first clans to finish the Leviathan Raid, then you'll need as much help as possible. The reference to the hate group might be vague for many so we'll do some explaining. Once you complete its major steps, you unlock a new step called Destroyer of Worlds that requires you to complete the Leviathan Raid.

Bungie also recently confirmed that Nightfall and Raid Guided Games will go live on September 26th, at around 6pm BST.

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Those who can conquer Leviathan will be awarded sweet exclusive loot and undoubtedly raise their Power level.

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