Hurricane Irma preparation sends utility workers to Macon Coliseum, ready to deploy

National news: Hurricane Irma weakening but still presents a threat to life, say forecasters

NFL ratings on hold as Nielsen staff evacuates from storm Irma

Hurricane Irma's slight wobble to the right was not unexpected, DeMaria said Sunday afternoon.

Tens of thousands of people huddling in shelters watched for updates as the storm swung to the west, now potentially sparing Tampa as well Miami the catastrophic head-on blow forecasters had been warning about.

"The greatest impacts from Irma will be felt with winds increasing to 40 to 50 miles per hour with gusts near 70 miles per hour along and east of the center of the storm track by early this afternoon".

Dartmouth hospital locked down after report of shooting
The hospital issued a "code silver" alert to employees, which alerts the possibility of somebody being violent with a weapon. Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon is now locked down following reports of an active shooter in the hospital.

Irma made landfall on Sunday morning over Cudjoe Key at 9:10a.m., the National Hurricane Center reported. "I don't have any doubt in my mind that we can support both governors and that as a federal government we can do this and will do this".

Deal's Sunday morning statement expanded his earlier state of emergency declaration to cover the entire state and specified that the "state government will be closed Monday and Tuesday for all employees except essential personnel".

Irma's wind speeds have slowed to around 75 miles per hour, the National Hurricane Center said in an update early Monday, although it cautioned that hurricane gusts and storm surges could still cause life-threatening conditions along Irma's path up the western Florida coast.

Limited evidence to show light drinking in pregnancy can harm baby
One expert, Dr Ellie Lee said: "Official advice about drinking in pregnancy has gone down an overtly precautionary route". Formulating guidance on the basis of the current evidence is challenging", she said, according to the New York Post .

And now, another terrifying effect of the storm has come to light. And from there, it goes up the coast toward the Tampa, St. Pete area, which is on a very large bay - the Tampa Bay - which is a lovely area, but it's very susceptible to storm surge, one of the most susceptible areas to storm surge in Florida.

As the hurricane moves north and the wind directions change, the water will start to rush back in and storm surge flooding will occur. We saw a lot of trees down.

Meanwhile, several major airports in Florida that halted passenger operations due to Irma will begin limited service Tuesday, including Miami International, one of the nation's busiest airports. Tropical-storm-force winds extend almost 415 miles from the center.

Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar revealed in full
The front wheel drive motors spin to a remarkable 50,000 rpm, well beyond the performance of current 20,000 rpm electric motors. The engine is supplemented by two further electric motors , one on each front wheel , and are rated for 120kW each.

According to some reports, almost 4 million to 5 million homes and businesses in Florida lost power, and utility officials said it could take weeks to restore electricity to everyone. So power outages are still possible in SC. FEMA officials estimated that 25 percent of homes were completely destroyed, while another 65 percent suffered serious damage. "We know how miserable this place can be for one day without air conditioning, you go two, three, four days and it's not going to be very pleasant, so getting that power restored I think is going to be critical".

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