Mercedes-AMG Project One hypercar revealed in full

Frankfurt 2017 Mercedes-AMG Project One Makes Stunning Debut

Mercedes-AMG Project One makes its debut at 2017 Frankfurt Auto show

If there was ever going to be a headline act here at the Frankfurt Motor Show it's the Mercedes-AMG Project ONE. That's around the same figure as Lewis Hamilton's race vehicle, and enough, says Mercedes-AMG, to hurl the Project One from standstill to 200km/h in less than six seconds. With a system output of over 1000 hp and a top speed beyond 350 km/h this hypercar handles exactly as it looks: "it takes your breath away", Ola Källenius says, Member of the Daimler AG Board of Management responsible for Group Research and Mercedes-Benz Cars.

The engine is supplemented by two further electric motors, one on each front wheel, and are rated for 120kW each. The front wheel drive motors spin to a remarkable 50,000 rpm, well beyond the performance of current 20,000 rpm electric motors.

Teaser images of Mercedes' F1-powered hypercar emerge
Mercedes-AMG Project One teased for Frankfurt

The lithium-ion battery pack cells, how they are arranged and the system used to cool them are the same as found in the Mercedes Formula 1 auto, but the Project ONE boasts far more cells to unlock an all-electric driving mode - the firm claims you'll be able to drive around 15 and a half miles on battery power alone. It should also be noted that while the Project One is close to being signed off, the auto and details provided here relate to what is still technically a concept - but a concept that Mercedes says "gives specific indications of what to expect from the upcoming production model".

The hypercar model will mark AMG's 50th-anniversary celebration. This energy is stored in the battery and is available for a longer electric range. On top of that, Project One will feature two 120KW electric motors on the front axle, giving it all-wheel drive capability that the Formula One vehicle does not have. For higher longevity and the use of commercially available "Super Plus" gasoline instead of racing fuel, max engine speed remains significantly below the F1 engine speed limit. The entire powertrain is paired to an AMG eight-speed automatic transmission.

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Inside is configured for two, with occupants located in place by carbonfibre seats that are incorporated into the car's monocoque construction.

The massive shark fin obscures vision from inside the cabin, but a roof-mounted camera displays the rear view on a screen in place of a mirror.

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Being a hybrid means the Project One makes good use of its power.

"The hypercar is the most ambitious project we have every undertaken".

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