Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort and other properties under Hurricane Irma threat

A man rides his bike on Bayshore Boulevard as palm trees begin to feel the wind in Tampa Florida

Hurricane Irma Is Here, Battering Florida As a Category 4 Storm [UPDATED]

Twelve years after Wilma, Mar-a-Lago is inside Florida's mandatory evacuation zones and is closed ahead of Irma.

The state of Florida is evacuating in anticipation of Hurricane Irma, including U.S.

The resort could face tidal flooding and storm surges for 97 days a year, while its beaches could be badly affected by erosion.

Irma was headed for a direct hit on Florida Sunday, prompting some to estimate it could be the most expensive storm in US history. According to the National Hurricane Center, that specific type of warning "indicates there is a danger of life-threatening inundation from rising water moving inland from the shoreline somewhere within the specified area, generally within 36 hours". That scenario is considered unlikely, but possible.

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"It really beat up Mar-a-Lago very badly", Trump claimed, though he only applied for building permits to do $3,000 worth of hurricane repairs.

When reporters asked Mar-a-Lago member and former Palm Beach Mayor Jack McDonald about the sum, he said, "I am unable to comprehend $17 million in reimbursable damage".

Trump has returned repeatedly to the private club - which he bought in 1985 - to relax and conduct state business since becoming president.

This place will not move.

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NOAA's GOES satellite shows Hurricane Irma as it moves toward the Florida Coast in the Caribbean Sea, taken at 16:15 UTC on September 07, 2017.

President Trump owns a nine-bedroom beachfront mansion on the Caribbean island of St. Martin, but after Hurricane Irma tore through the region Wednesday the property may no longer be standing.

But Trump got back on track, issuing his video warning people in Irma's path to get out now.

Afterwards, Hurricane Irma continued on a path that saw it inflict varying amounts of damage on Puerto Rico, the Domincan Republic, Haiti, and Turks and Caicos, among others.

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Guests at the golf course and resort at Palm Beach, Florida, are being told to leave before the hurricane makes landfall in the state, bringing with it 175mph winds.

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