Condemning violence in Myanmar's Rakhine state, United Nations chief urges restraint

21 dead after Rohingya boats capsized in Naf

Rohingya crisis: Situation worsens in Myanmar as 18000 Muslims flee in 5 days

India's supreme court has agreed to hear a petition challenging the government's decision to deport all of the estimated 40,000 Rohingya Muslims living in the country after fleeing persecution in Myanmar, a lawyer involved in the case said on Friday. This is because they got stuck in the border before they could enter.

"The secretary-general is deeply concerned by the reports of excesses during the security operations conducted by Myanmar's security forces in Rakhine State and urges restraint and calm to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe", said a United Nations spokesman.

It is the bloodiest chapter yet in a bitter five-year crisis that has torn apart Rakhine state along ethnic and religious lines, displaced the Rohingya in huge numbers and heaped global condemnation on Myanmar's army and the government of Aung San Suu Kyi.

Reports streaming from the area suggest the military has torched over 10 Rohingya settlements in the crisis-stricken Rakhine State.

The ARSA emerged as a force in October a year ago when their attacks killed Myanmar border police, prompting a crackdown by security forces that killed scores and forced 87,000 people to flee to Bangladesh.

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The emergence of organized militancy proved a game-changer for Rakhine, a restive state beset by religious violence since 2012, analysts say.

Myanmar has one of the largest stateless populations in the world with some 10,90,000 stateless persons, predominately Rohingya in Rakhine State.

But beyond basic training with some Kalashnikov assault rifles and other firearms, Omar said newcomers had to make do with a meagre cache of basic weapons. "It is our bounden duty to provide them with shelter and food".

The group posts images online of its fighters wielding heavy weapons, but Myanmar accuses them of cruder warfare.

Together with his wife and five-year-old daughter Abdullah they cooked sticky rice, fetched plastic sheets and empty water bottles, preparing for a 20 km (12 miles), days-long trek in the monsoon rain through the mountains to the border.

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"On the other side, another harsh military response and the continued displacement of scores of thousands to camps in Bangladesh will create conditions ripe for exploitation by transnational jihadists".

"The Burmese government has repeatedly shown that it has neither the interest nor the skill to credibly and impartially investigate abuses in Rakhine State", said Phil Robertson, deputy director of HRW's Asia division.

Thousands of Rohingya are fleeing Myanmar's Rakhine state as government troops have intensified a crackdown on the country's Muslim minority since Friday.

They include, according to Time Magazine, bolstering socio-economic development in Rakhine state, enhancing freedom of movement for the Rohingya, consolidating and recalibrating the military operations in the region, and granting citizenship to the Rohingya, who under a 1982 law are considered illegal Bangladeshi immigrants, despite having lived in Rakhine state for generations. She has been accused for not speaking out for the persecuted minority.

Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım also called on global community to help stop violence against Rohingya Muslims.

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