Google Assistant is now coming to even more gadgets and home appliances

Anker Google Assistant speaker

Courtesy of Anker

Google has stated that its Assistant is coming to more devices.

Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) has announced that its voice-enabled digital assistant, Google Assistant, will be integrated into more products and appliances including smart speakers, smart washing machines, dryers and vacuums.

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Google today announced that customers will soon be able to purchase three new third-party speakers that have its Google Assistant baked in.

As for the appliances aspect of IFA, we're told that LG will have Assistant-bundled appliances this year, including washers, dryers, and even vacuums (cue the "You SUCK, vacuum!" insults that will be oh-so-hilarious).

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The move is part of Google's play to expand its voice assistant's reach into third-party hardware, a strategy rivals Alexa and Cortana are also reportedly pursuing. First devices and appliances are going to come “later this year” so you can finally say “Ok Google, wash my clothes.”. It's as easy as "Ok Google, start vacuuming". While the Assistant will be able to work with many speakers, the service will only be available in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany and France. The Assistant is supposed to be a Siri counterpart in the Android universe, doing Google Searches and various other functions related to controlling devices. And because the Assistant on Google Home can distinguish one voice from another, the entire family can get in on the action, according to LG. The other third party speakers which will get Google Assistant include the Panasonic GA10 and the TicHome Mini whose launch is likely to be in the offing. Need to clean up? Google has said they'll continue to update the page in the source link below as more products with Assistant support are announced, so keep an eye on their blog post as IFA continues for more information. With the integration of voice assistant, users can ask questions like "Ok Google, is the laundry done?". It' a reliable appliance most households will find useful because it can cut grass on its own so you don't have to drive a lawnmower and spend a lot of time doing the chore.

As exciting, Google says that device types that will work with Google Assistant.

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