Microsoft Officially Kills Off Launch Xbox One

Microsoft and Sony are Talking About Cross Platform Play

Microsoft Confirms Association With Sony on Cross-Platform Play

The discontinuation of the original Xbox One model should be seen as a logical step for the company.

Microsoft targets the upper end of the pricing spectrum with the Xbox One X while the lower end will be catered by the Xbox One S which is fairly priced. In the United Kingdom, the console is listed as "out of stock".

Digital Foundry, the same people who got an early look at the specs of the console, has managed to put together a side-by-side comparison of the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X to show the difference in the hardware. Meanwhile, Kotaku UK claims Microsoft has discontinued the production of the Xbox One. It's only selling the retail versions of the Xbox One X and Xbox One S via its online store. Forza 7 will be huge, and there are a bunch of Xbox One games getting enhancement updates, but there aren't really any showstoppers to speak of.

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Some say that the Xbox One X is a tough sell since it is merely an upgrade to the original system vs a completely new console. You can use the link below to keep an eye on the console's page in the store, so that you don't miss your chance when the time comes. The more compact version of the console, the Xbox One S, was released previous year.

Do you still have your Xbox 360?

It is now being speculated that these games could have been part of the old listing for backwards compatible Xbox 360 games for Xbox One. Microsoft though, would have you believe the PS4 Pro competes with it Xbox One S console.

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Minecraft is also a game which has received an update, called "Better Together" so that it can connect players across all platforms. But if you're on the market for an Xbox One, the One S is the sweet spot right now.

The Xbox One X is already off to a great start. As one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, this should be a welcome sight for many, as the Xbox brand pushes further into more regions.

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