United States targets Chinese, Russia entities for helping North Korea

Ten Chinese and Russian companies as well as six individuals are targeted by a new round of U.S. sanctions aimed at curbing Pyongyang's weapons program. This follows a round of U.N. sanctions

US targets Chinese, Russian entities funding North Korea's nukes

Duitsman's analysis comes at a highly disturbing time for the United States, as its Treasury Department placed 10 more entities and six individuals on its North Korea sanctions list Tuesday, mostly Chinese and Russian, accusing them of financing the regime's arsenal.

Li said that the company used to export building materials to North Korea and imported products made of vanadium from there, but got out of the business two years ago because of the rising tensions.

The measures block any assets individuals and entities may have in United States jurisdictions and bar Americans from transactions with them.

Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control added six individuals and 10 companies and other entities to its sanctions list, saying they have helped people previously penalized for North Korea's weapons program, facilitated North Korea's energy sector and enabled entities to bypass sanctions to get access to the US and worldwide financial system.

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The move follows a war of words between Washington and Pyongyang over recent missile tests that show North Korea is capable of reaching the USA mainland.

The Treasury claims the sanctions are in line with the internationally agreed measures against North Koreas missile and nuclear weapons programs.

Hua renewed Beijing's call for peace talks and for North Korea and the USA to "exercise restraint".

Interestingly, regarding the sanctions, China's foreign ministry responded in a lower key on the next day: although China still opposed the "unilateral sanctions outside the framework of the UN Security Council" or the "long-arm jurisdiction", China didn't "strongly urge" the US this time. There's no focus on the efforts of Chinese banks that facilitate these transactions.

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A 2015 document from quarantine and inspection authorities in Korla, a city in western China's Xinjiang province, showed Zhicheng was a recipient of North Korean coal.

Controlled by Chinese national Chi Yupeng, Dandong Chengtai allegedly conspired to evade US sanctions by facilitating prohibited USA dollar transactions on behalf of the North Korean Workers' Party, a sanctioned entity, according to the complaint.

Li Xiaoguang, a manager at the Chinese company said he was "surprised" to hear it had been sanctioned. Also targeted is China's Dandong Rich Earth Trading Co.

It was the US transactions involving Chi's companies that led the Department of Justice to seek on Tuesday the forfeiture of $4 million in funds.

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