Trump's comments about ending NAFTA rattle Texas political and business leaders

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The Unites States, Mexico and Canada have asserted their commitment to update the trilateral North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) after the first round of talks for renegotiating the pact concluded recently in Washington.

"Trump had said from early days that he would end the NAFTA agreement if he couldn't get more beneficial terms for the USA, and reminding the audience of that he added, "...but we're going to see what happens". "Personally, I don't think we can make a deal", he said, days after the first round of negotiations for the new NAFTA.

Our previous worldwide trade brief outlined the Canadian government's objectives for the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations and what the implications are for Canadian businesses.

Ahead of the talks last week, the USA stressed that negotiations wouldn't just bring about tweaks to the deal, but a much more major overhaul.

Referring to the agreement as "the worst trade deal" in USA history, the president had previously agreed that renegotiations would be better than terminating the trade pact, admitting that it would be "a pretty big shock to the system". American manufacturers have invested heavily in supply chains that straddle NAFTA borders and have come to depend on duty-free shipments within the trade bloc.

The Trump administration did not push for a NAFTA renegotiation because it wanted to create a modernized NAFTA 2.0 that benefits all sides. Mexico has presidential elections next July, and the US holds congressional elections next November.

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Those numbers include products that travelled though the U.S., Mexico and Yukon and on to other destinations.

Cornyn has spoken often about the importance of NAFTA, and reaffirmed as much last week when the Trump administration began renegotiating the two-decade old pact with Mexico and Canada, which has economically transformed the Valley.

"They're going to look for some things they could say, "We improved it, we did better" and move on", he said.

"We've opened up a huge negotiation process of one of the world's most ambitious trade agreements on the back of very anti-Mexican" rhetoric from Trump, said the Mexican official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. Since NAFTA was negotiated, biotechnology has expanded significantly.

Coates admits that changes related to the environment, gender and Indigenous issues are unlikely to be agreed to by the Americans under President Donald Trump.

Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray referred to Trump's NAFTA commentary as a negotiating tactic, according to a report by Reuters.

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Or, even more unlikely, they might be hoping that the feedback gives them political cover to agree with Canada and Mexico on the issue.

But he also suggested the people at the negotiating table are not working off Trump's's whims.

"We're just getting used to these ideas that essentially what you do is to take a trade negotiation away from practicalities, which is how do we pass oil and gas across the border ... into values".

"It really puts the screws to everyone at the table to get something done quickly", said Hoback.

Business leaders said they were encouraged by how Texas state officials were speaking out on the importance of NAFTA. This has caused understandable concern for producers, but if the USA maintains the right priorities in these negotiations, the agriculture industry can benefit from an updated agreement. As a practical matter, he said, if NAFTA negotiations slow down and become snarled in election-year politics, "it's going to be hard to get it done in 2018".

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