Chris Cantwell, leader of white supremacy march, fearful, tearful

The violence in Charlottesville had left at least 19 people injured

The violence in Charlottesville had left at least 19 people injured

At some point, he made a video of himself blubbering and crying as he hid out after the fighting between white supremacists and protesters had died down.

Dating service OKCupid says it has banned a white supremacist for life. The internet has served as a meeting place for bigots and they have arrived organized, and ready to cleanse America of the laborers they once needed.

The American documentary "Charlottesville: Race and Terror" features leaders of white nationalist groups, including David Duke, Matthew Heimbach and Cantwell, who hosts the online talk show "Radical Agenda" on his Facebook page.

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In the Vice documentary, Cantwell condoned the alt-right's use of violence and took aim at US President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka.

Another group that's attempting to assemble in Boston this weekend - that claims they're not affiliated with the "Unite the Right" group, despite advertising similar supporters and speakers - was given a permit to assemble this weekend.

"If I have to go to jail today, it won't be the first time.I don't want to, I don't think I should.I've been engaged in violence. and I've done nothing to hide that, but it was done in defence of myself and others", he said.

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OKCupid joins a growing corporate backlash against neo-Nazis in the US after the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va. Technology companies that once tolerated white supremacists are now booting them from their services. "We need to get more organised.we need someone like Donald Trump, only a lot more (racist?). who would not give his daughter to a Jew", he says. "I'm willing to fight and die with you", he wrote.

Cantwell is already regretting his brief taste of fame and even uploaded a video to YouTube of him sobbing over the prospect of being arrested.

In addition to OK Cupid, Cantwell's Facebook and PayPal accounts have reportedly also been shut down. "I don't think you could feel about race that I do and watch that Kushner b-d walk around with that attractive girl".

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"This is the face of supremacy", local activist Tanesha Hudson tells VICE News at the same vigil. "I do not want violence with you, alright?" As Elle Reeve makes her way there with Cantwell and his group, one of their fellow passengers - Robert Ray (a somewhat grizzled Neo-Nazi who works as a writer for the Daily Stormer website) tells her, "We're starting to slowly unveil a little bit of our power level".

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