The Defenders are divided in new trailer

Charlie Cox plays a lawyer by day and the costumed Daredevil by night in the Netflix superhero series The Defenders

Netflix Charlie Cox plays a lawyer by day and the costumed Daredevil by night in the Netflix superhero series The Defenders

The final trailer of Netflix's hero team-up show "The Defenders" shows that the war for NY is about to begin.

The series follows the releases of Marvel's Daredevil, Marvel's Jessica Jones, Marvel's Luke Cage and Marvel's Iron Fist. The trailer begins by introducing the characters one by one as Sigourney Weaver's villain confronts them in the restaurant. But just as Age of Ultron and even Civil War shaped the future of their franchise, so too will The Defenders - albeit on a smaller scale, of course. Jessica Jones isn't exactly what you would call a team player. Iron Fist star Finn Jones recently teased that The Defenders "feels like the end of Phase One" and "the beginning of another phase". A quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. That's right - despite the truncated episode run, The Defenders falls victim to the same interminable slow-burn malaise that's afflicted most of the Marvel shows to date.

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Thankfully, The Defenders picks up steam in its fourth episode, with not only the main team physically together, but slowly, reluctantly bonding, even if majority have little interest in actually teaming-up. Luke Cage points out to her, though, that, "For all your talk of life, you sure kill a lot of people". It remains to be seen if "The Defenders" can elevate the character to a better standing. However, "Iron Fist" did not do very well as far as the critics were concerned.

Power Man and Iron Fist Meet for the First TimeHere, we see Danny and Luke facing off.

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While the tone and inspirations behind the series appear to be different from that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's theatrical entries, one way the Netflix dramas will look to imitate their big-screen counterparts is through phases. It makes me wonder whether she's a figure like the biotech corporate maniac Lucy Mirando (Tilda Swinton) in the recent Netflix film Okja. We here at Culturess are so excited to see what epic things are going to happen when four super-powered people finally get to team up! We know the latter will have amnesia during The Defenders, so she could have been hospitalized after returning from the dead.

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