Teen Drug-Overdose Deaths Are On The Rise

Drug overdose US: Teenage deaths rise again, newer drugs could be root cause

Teenagers Are Using Less Drugs, But Overdosing More On Heroin and Fentanyl

The report, from the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics, looked at drug overdose deaths among people age 15 to 19 from 1999 to 2015. That's only 1.4 percent of the more than 52,000 people who died from overdoses, almost two-thirds of which are from opioids.

Drug overdoses are the leading cause of death for Americans under 50, according to data compiled by the New York Times. That's three times what it was in 1999, when the rate was 0.3 overdose deaths for every 100,000.

The office estimated that if the trends hold true, New Hampshire will see 466 drug-related deaths this year, which is similar to the figures of the past two years: There were 486 deaths in 2016 and 439 in 2015. The 2015 rate is also more than double what it was in 1999. The opioid death rate hit an all-time high in 2014. "The Opioid Commission in their draft report make several key, achievable and bipartisan recommendations that if adopted, by the president and through congressional legislation, will make significant strides in addressing the current crisis". A state of emergency generally allows administration's to cut through red tape and access emergency funding, but it is unclear what exact actions the White House might take.

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While the increase in overdose death is concerning, the number of fatalities is still relatively small. While the majority of overdoses were accidental, girls were more than twice as likely to have intentionally killed themselves.

More teens are deciding to not use drugs, but those who do have entered "a different and more complex landscape", she said.

Heroin was the most common cause of fatal opioid overdose in the 15-to-19 age group.

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A new US Government report has revealed that teen deaths, as a result of drug overdose, are on an increase after years of decline.

But in 2015, the rate of overdoses among American teens increased by nearly one-fifth.

The death rate for females almost doubled between 1999 (1.1 per 100,000) and 2004 (2.0 per 100,000), but was stable until it increased between 2013 (2.0 per 100,000) and 2015 (2.7 per 100,000). "Moreover, adolescent behaviors greatly mirror that of their elders and, what is important, is that we have not yet found a satisfactory response to the opioid epidemic".

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