Sonic Mania: How Many Zones Are There?

Sonic Mania Reviews: What People Are Saying

The 'Sonic Mania' collector's edition packed with retro goodies

The gameplay, and numerous game's stages should feel very familiar to fans.

Sega's latest Sonic game, Sonic Mania, takes fan service to the next level in many ways. The game does have actual secrets, though, and they're really fun.

Sonic Mania is the first true follow up and spiritual successor to the classic Sonic games from the SEGA Genesis era. As far as the Switch version goes, the game runs at a consistent 60fps, and only seems to dip a little during the 3D bonus stages.

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The mode's humor is only enhanced by the fact that it's a bit broken when Knuckles is paired with himself-the follower Knuckles only uses his gliding ability to return to the player after getting lost, rather than using it to follow along with the player's movements.

That does it for how to Drop Dash in Sonic Mania.

Don't blink or you might miss the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition. I love you just the way you are.

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Mania already allows gamers to play as Knuckles, alongside the other standard character options of Sonic, Tails, or both Sonic and Tails together, but & Knuckles mode does exactly what you'd expect: adds an additional Knuckles. The Gameplay of the game is quite similar and shares a resemblance with PagodaWest, Headconnon, and Sega.

While some old annoyances remain - like instant death traps or cumbersome sections of old maps that would have been better off left in the '90s - on the whole this is a game that will thrill long-time fans and introduce brand new ones to what Sonic is like at its very best.

We'll have our full review on Sonic Mania soon, well we can't quit out of it at the moment...

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