Google Drops Big Update On Productivity Tools

Google Improves Collab Tools in Sheets, Slides, and Docs

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides get new features for enterprise and education users

Google has announced new tools for Docs, Slides and Sheets for G Suite introducing better real time collaboration tools to help keep your team on track. When looking back through old versions, you'll also be able to tell Google to only showed named iterations, which should make things easier to find.

Before cloud computing, Microsoft's Office products were the norm; however, with Google's introduction of Docs, Slides, and Sheets, the way we create, edit, and share documents has drastically changed.

With these latest updates, users can now accept or reject all editing suggestions at once when working in Docs.

Furthermore, so you don't have to approve every single edit, Google has added the ability to accept (or reject) all edit suggestions with a single click.

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Speaking of versions, users will also now be able to preview "clean versions" of documents.

If you're reviewing a document from an Android, iPhone, or iPad device and want to make edits, you can press the three dots menu in the bottom right of the Doc to suggest edits on-the-go, in the dots menu toggle Suggest changes and start typing in suggestion mode.

Likewise, another preview option lets the users see the unedited version of the original project; i.e without any of the team's comments and edits.

These templates allow you to customize and deploy tools specific to your organization's workflows.

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Name versions of a Doc, Sheet or Slide. Lastly, with regards to version control, you can use the Litera Change-Pro and Workshare addons to compare documents and review relines instantly. Google is bringing the two together by introducing new templates with built-in add-ons, thanks to partners LegalZoom, DocuSign, Lucidchart, PandaDoc, EasyBib, and Supermetrics.

Additionally, users will be able to build their own custom templates, complete with custom built-in add-ons. It uses Machine Intelligence to display relevant information to help you work more efficiently.

Finally, for G Suite Business and Enterprise users, Google has ramped up the power of the Explore feature by integrating Google Cloud Search tech. For the most part the collaborative features are pretty great, but if you rely on Google Docs pretty heavily, the recent update might be of interest to you.

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