Malaysia does not import eggs from Europe

A laboratory technician of the Bavarian State Office of Health and Food Safety checks eggs for the harmful insecticide Fipronil in a laboratory in Erlangen Germany

Egg-sasperated Brussels ministers arrange high-level meeting over egg scandal

He praised the European Union alert system, saying: "I am firmly convinced any potential risk the European Commission will be brought to our attention.and we will have a precise and rapid intervention". The ministry has not specified how many eggs tested positive for the fipronil insecticide.

Andriukaitis said he hoped to convene a meeting before the end of September of the ministers concerned, along with various national food safety agency representatives.

The egg contamination scandal sweeping across Europe will hurt trade from the Netherlands, the region's top exporter, and may spur other countries to increase domestic production, according to Chris Elliott, director of the Institute for Global Food Security.

As of Wednesday, the Fipronil scandal has reached twelve European countries.

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"The numbers are deduced from the European Union rapid warning system". Goods sold in Hong Kong are also understood to have been affected.

France will publish "in the next few days" a list of Fipronil-contaminated products amid a European food scare, Agriculture Minister Stephane Travert said on Tuesday.

He referred to several media reports on the issue of contaminated chicken eggs with fipronil chemicals in the Netherlands recently.

In the United Kingdom, as many as 700,000 tainted eggs were likely imported, the Food Standards Agency said in an August 10 statement.

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Fipronil is banned from use in circumstances where it could enter the food chain, but is a key ingredient in some flea preparations used on cats and dogs.

The Veterinary and Food Administration says samples analyzed in the Netherlands showed traces of Fipronil, but "not at a harmful level".

The Danish watchdog added that Danaeg Products bought the eggs from an unnamed Belgian subcontractor.

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