Neighbor finds abandoned newborn covered in dirt, ants outside apartment building

Neighbor finds abandoned newborn covered in dirt, ants outside apartment building

Neighbor finds abandoned newborn covered in dirt, ants outside apartment building

We're learning new details about a newborn baby found abandoned and covered with ants in a grassy area of an apartment complex in northwest Harris County.

The infant was found outside the Cypress Creek apartment complex (pictured) in Houston, Texas, at 5am on Thursday.

When the man realized the baby was alive, he took the child home and called police.

"I was like 'Hey, there's a baby outside on the sidewalk", said John Baldwin, who recorded video of the baby on the ground after Peterson found her.

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The unnamed mother is now in the custody of sheriffs and the local district attorney is now considering charges against her. Police said she has not said why she left the baby in the bushes, and she could face charges for abandoning a child. She is now being treated at a local hospital but is in a good condition. However, on closer inspection Peterson discovered a newborn baby girl, coated in dirt and covered in ants - even in her ears - and lying in the flowerbed. "You see her impressions on the ground". The unidentified woman claimed she didn't know anything about a baby girl being placed behind the bushes.

"Bro...that's insane. Somebody left their baby out gotta call 911, bro", John Baldwin said in a video he shot.

Deputies say the child was less than an hour old and her umbilical cord was still attached. Its residents at first refused to answer.

Investigators believe the 21-year-old mother delivered the baby inside the apartment.

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The newborn will remain in the hospital's custody until custody proceedings are finished, Child Protective Services on Friday.

A CPS spokesperson said in a release that the child would be taken into temporary custody while the agency looks for a relative who is willing to care for the child either long-term or temporarily.

Texas law does allow a person to legally give up a child.

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