LG V30 will be first handset to feature f/16 lens

The V30 looks like a grown-up version of the current G6 flagship especially with its dual rear camera and the Full Vision display

The V30 looks like a grown-up version of the current G6 flagship especially with its dual rear camera and the Full Vision display

With a f/1.6 aperture value, LG V30's camera, will be able to let in 25 percent more light than usual smartphone cameras which have f/1.8 aperture configuration such as the iPhone 7. That breakthrough comes via its f/1.6 aperture, the largest we have seen thus far if memory serves me correctly.

Moreover, LG also revealed the fact that the phone will be coming out with a crystal clear lens, which allows capturing more light when compared to the plastic lenses many phones use.

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Additionally, the company promises that the V30 reduces the edge distortion prevalent on wide-angle snaps taken with the V20's dual-camera setup by a third, meaning there'll be much less of a fisheye effect.

The V30 camera will be assisted by LG's proprietary UX with several photography modes and editing tools, laser detection AF (Auto Focus), OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) and EIS (Electronic Image Stabilization). Apart from improving the camera performance, LG has managed to make the camera module 30% slimmer than the V20's. At the moment, cameras suffer in low-light conditions but the manufacturer wants to put a start to great things by incorporating the widest camera aperture in a mobile device ever. Back then, Android Authority also claimed that it would feature an f/1.6 aperture camera lens.

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The LG V30 then, the follow-up to last year's LG V20, will set a new high bar in terms of aperture size (or low bar in terms of f-stops). "For the users for whom the V series was designed, this kind of innovation is significant", he added. In an official event today, the South Korean giant has confirmed about the most desirable feature of its V30 handset, which is slated for wrap off on 31st of this month. But LG is already talking up the camera on its soon-to-launch phone. The company, following the same trend, recently detailed the screen its upcoming handset LG V30 will sport. The smartphone will have 4K video recording.

Also confirmed to be present on the V30 is LG's Crystal Clear Lens.

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