Fired Google memo writer, draws derision, applaud, and offer from wikileaks

Sacked Google Employee Gives His First Interview Admitting More Agree Than Don't

Dozens Of Female Employees Accuse Google Of Gender Discrimination

During the interview with the Daily Wire's Ben Shapiro, Damore claimed that Google firing him for pushing "harmful gender stereotypes" only revealed the company's overblown emphasis on diversity, denying allegations that his memo had pushed "harmful gender stereotypes". Despite the fact that his memo was created and shared internally a month ago, no one from the company's management warned him about possible repercussions of sharing it more widely, he said.

"People get offended because it goes against the left's ideology", Damore said during an interview on a conservative talk show.

Damore told NBC News he was "wrongfully terminated" for "perpetuating gender stereotypes" and said he believed his firing was "for political reasons".

Google has called for a company town hall meeting on diversity Thursday.

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The Google employee memo, which gained attention online over the weekend, begins by saying that only honest discussion will address a lack of equity. Some questions complain about how conservatives aren't welcome at Google.

A leak from Google over an anti-diversity manifesto, written by a Google engineer, last week suggested that the company should halt initiatives aimed at increasing gender and racial diversity within the company and instead focus on "ideological diversity".

There are "definite mixed feelings" inside the company, one employee said.

In his memo, he said among other things women are unsuited to be good engineers because they're more interested in people than ideas. "But ultimately the loudest voices on the fringes drive the perception and reaction".

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Google's Mountain View headquarters, along with other US offices of the company, will be targeted in the August 19 event, Posobiec said. Damore, who has since been fired, has also said that he was considering suing Google.

Pichai, who said that parts of Damore's manifesto violated Google's code of conduct, cut his vacation short to attend today's meeting. In the memo, he blamed the gender gap in the tech industry on biological differences between men and women. Otherwise, Google's workforce is predominately male and white.

Damore lost his job of 3 1/2 years after criticizing the company's diversity-building efforts in a memo that also contained sexist comments.

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