Leaked government document 'directly contradicts' Trump on climate change

The New York Times had a big scoop on Monday about a "blunt" climate change report scientists anxious would be suppressed under the Trump administration.

The draft report, by agencies such as NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, echoes that message.

In fact, the report had never been held in an unreleased status by the government and has been publicly available since last December. The deadline in August 18.

As of Tuesday afternoon, neither Trump, who is in the middle of taking 17 days away from the White House, nor any other official from the White House have commented on the climate change report. The President said the decision was to protect American jobs and he promised to protect the environment.

The New York Times and the Associated Press obtained the draft report, which was widely circulated in December to scientists for review.

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Scott Pruitt's Environmental Protection Agency is one of the 13 agencies tasked with signing off on the document.

"The National Climate Assessment seems to be on autopilot because there's no political that has taken control of it", said Myron Ebell, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute.

"These persistent levels of denial unique in the USA have been intentionally created by the large carbon polluters taking the playbook from the tobacco companies, hiring pseudo-scientists and putting out false data, and all of us, as human beings, are resistant to thinking about something that's hard to think about", Gore said of climate change deniers.

It is appalling, then, that the United States under Trump has retreated from the fight.

The United States is the world's second largest emitter of greenhouse gases after China.

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The intensity and frequency of rain and snow events have been increasing in most parts of the U.S. This map shows change in one measurement for extreme precipitation: the maximum daily precipitation in consecutive five-year periods.

In June, President Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Accords, a global agreement aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Trump can not file paperwork to exit until November 2019.

The climate assessment is released every four years under a Congressional mandated act that started in 1990.

The Times reports: "The study does not make policy recommendations, but it notes that stabilizing the global mean temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius - what scientists have referred to as the guardrail beyond which changes become catastrophic - will require significant reductions in global levels of carbon dioxide".

The incident marks the latest in a series of clashes between top administration officials and scientists within the government, some of whom contend that the White House is actively trying to bury science related to global warming.

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The planet will warm 0.30 degrees Celsius, or 0.50 degrees Fahrenheit, over the next century, regardless of what humans do. The projected actual rise, scientists say, will be as much as 35.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

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