Ohio State Fair accident caused by 'excessive corrosion'

Ride manufacturer says 'excessive corrosion' led to deadly accident at Ohio State Fair

BREAKING: Cause Released on Fatal Ohio Fair Incident

The ride, the Fireball, had been on the circuit for 18 years when the accident happened that killed an 18-year-old.

One rider, an 18-year-old man, was flung more than 50 feet and died on impact, while seven others were taken to area hospitals.

In a recent statement, KMG International's Albert Kroon revealed investigators ruled that "excessive corrosion on the interior of the gondola support beam dangerously reduced the beam's wall thickness over the years". The company also conducted a metallurgical inspection of the ride.

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Jarrell had recently enlisted in the U.S. Marines and was scheduled to begin basic training next year.

The company that provided the ride to the Ohio State Fair, Amusements of America, described the Fire Ball as an "aggressive thrill" ride. The fair's last day was Sunday. Local Cincinnati news station WCPO reported that Jarell's family plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit.

Video taken by a bystander of the ride in action captured a crashing sound.

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The Dutch company teamed up with industry safety experts to develop an inspection protocol to ensure that all rides in operation are safe.

Kasich had ordered all rides at the State Fair to shut down until inspections could be completed.

"It's been looked at about three or four times over the course of two days", Michael Vartorella, chief ride inspector for Ohio's Division of Amusement Ride Safety, said at the time. The Great Allentown Fair once featured a smaller version, but it is no longer in the fair's ride package, a state official said.

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