Brothers and sisters across India gear up to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

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Brothers and sisters across India gear up to celebrate Raksha Bandhan

It holds enormous importance in Hinduism.

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If you want to give your sister a gift that will probably make her year and have oodles of fun while you're at it, then head over to the Radisson Blu Atria for a day of fun and frolic! He said that this festival has a special significance for Jammu and Kashmir as the annual Amarnath Yatra concludes on this day and devotees pay obeisance at the Holy Cave Shrine on Shravan Purnima. He vows to stand by his sister through thick and thin. Indian history is overflowing with fables, where brothers are said to have come ahead to protect their sisters during any adversity. The sister seeks the protection of her blood-brother or a close male friend, who in turn offers her respect and protection. Expensive or low-cost, the gift is cherished by all sisters.

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According to reports, a man in Varanasi is building a two-pit toilet in his house for his sister as a Rakhi gift.

Special telescopes in city to watch lunar eclipse
The state weather bureau said lunar eclipses are safe to watch and observers don't need to use protective filters for the eyes. Residents of Asian countries including Pakistan, Europe, Antarctica, Africa, and Australia will be able to see the eclipse.

A short ritual will take place on the morning of the festival which sees brothers and sisters exchange gifts in front of a lit candle, with their family all around them. This festival helps siblings realize the importance of growing up together.

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