Trump takes break from White House with 'working vacation'

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Trump has already outpaced his predecessors in the number of vacation days taken at this point in their tenure, as he frequently made weekend jaunts to his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida and trips to his golf courses across the East Coast. He will be leaving the White House for 17 days as the White House undergoes renovations to fix these issues, an administration official told The Daily Caller.

The visits come as Trump has failed to implement almost any of his campaign goals, with the repeal and replacement of Obamacare failing, no plans to build the wall at the Mexican border, and his immigration rulings largely stopped by federal courts.

To date, Trump has fired three officials who were investigating him - FBI director James Comey, New York state US attorney Preet Bharara, and acting head of the US Department of Justice Sally Yates. An official familiar with both conversations, who refused to speak on the record because the president's calls have not been declassified, said, "The president is a tough negotiator who is always looking to make the best possible deals for the American people".

The president now knows that he can not have private conversations with foreign leaders, and they know that he can not have private conversations with him. How do you conduct diplomatic business which should be the top priority of the president?

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Nieto: This is what I suggest, Mr. President - let us stop talking about the wall. He is such an illegitimate, such a bad president that all the rules can be broken and this criminal activity, this criminal leaking is - "sure, why not, it is actually patriotic to do that".

And early Friday, he continued an economic message, citing the Toyota and Mazda news, touting a new investment in Wisconsin by Foxconn and promoting his administration's work on tax reform and the latest jobs numbers. I'll be very interested to hear what Attorney General Jeff Sessions has to say.

Others have called for the criminal prosecution of leakers.

In the U.S. system, a grand jury can compel testimony and the production of documents.

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Trump has held twelve of these relatively short joint press conferences, most recently on July 25 with the prime minister of Lebanon.

Golf Magazine reported that Trump called the White House "a real dump" Monday.

I've never seen anythink like this. I'm guessing that is partly where it came out. Do you realize this person engages in duplicity, pretending to be a loyal employee while going behind his boss's back and undermining him? But those letters were meant to further a policy agenda - if you're against that kind of strategy too, that's understandable - while the letters cherrypicked by the Trump team just praise Trump.

Trump's time in the Garden State has increased after Mar-a-Lago went quiet for the summer months. It is a conscious effort, if you will, a conspiracy to overturn the results of the election. They can try to box him off from unsafe actions (as Congress now contemplates doing in a statute to protect special counsel Robert S. Mueller III from being fired) and ignore tweets, although that is an incomplete solution.

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