Trump Defends McMaster After Alt-Right Attacks From Bannon Allies

Donald Trump has not warmed to the State Department

Donald Trump has not warmed to the State Department

President Donald Trump and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster board Air Force One before departing from Andrews Air Force Base for Miami, Florida on June 16, 2017. "I was upset while I was there in seeing how empowered Obama holdovers under McMaster were to essentially perpetuate Obama-era policies", another former official told TheDCNF.

Some conservatives also raised objections to his decision earlier this year to extend a security clearance for Susan Rice, President Barack Obama's final national security adviser who has been accused by some conservatives of mishandling classified information involving Trump campaign associates.

A senior administration official defended the move to CNN, and said the security clearance had been extended to all former security advisers, so they could discuss with the administration national security issues that occurred under their tenure. Some former NSC officials think so.

Nearly one month after Lake broke that story, McMaster appears to have sent a letter to Rice informing her that she could maintain her security clearance, according to the conservative news outlet Circa, which obtained a copy of the letter. "Meanwhile, blogger Mike Cernovich has been tweeting links to a website called McMasterLeaks, which contains a single blog post with multiple examples of how McMaster is undermining Trump".

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The reason Trump made the pro-Israel comment is because one of the lines of attack against McMaster has been that he is secretly anti-Israel.

"I have great respect for my people".

"There is a split in the White House between the Bannon camp of ideologues and the McMaster-Mattis-Tillerson camp of more centrist intellectuals", Pete Mansoor, a retired Army colonel who worked closely with McMaster, told Politico. McMaster has sought to convince Trump on a plan that would modestly increase troops levels, but Trump has remained resistant.

" indispensable in helping the president hear all those viewpoints and have the information he needs", said the senator, who is close to McMaster. Most recently, he ousted Ezra Cohen-Watnick, the senior director for intelligence at the National Security Council who had been viewed as a Trump loyalist.

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The biggest problem McMaster faces is going up against Bannon, who sees Trump as a revolutionary official who will change the world after a cataclysmic event that ushers in the "fourth turning."

Bannon is responding with media allies outside the White House.

Rice's security clearance should have been limited to congressional testimony only or revoked until the end of the investigation, White House officials told Circa. Anton, who declined to speak for this story, issued a statement last week saying "the administration is working with Colonel Harvey to identify positions in which his background and expertise can best be utilized".

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