Climate Change Will Bring 50-Fold Rise in Europe Weather-related Deaths

Researchers say the forecast reflects what is likely to happen if there is no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

Researchers say the forecast reflects what is likely to happen if there is no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

The researchers said deaths from coastal flooding would also increase sharply, from six deaths per year at the beginning of this century to 233 a year by the end of it.

Experts predict a series of weather-related disasters, if there is no reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, Sky News reported.

The study suggested that heatwaves، among others، would be the most lethal weather-related disaster responsible for 99 percent of all future extreme climate-related deaths in the continent.

It was found that by the early 22nd century year, one in three Europeans will be exposed to the devastating effects of natural disasters.

Lead scientist Giovanni Forzieri, from the European Commission's Joint Research Center in Italy, said, "Unless global warming is curbed as a matter of urgency and appropriate measures are taken, about 350 million Europeans could be exposed to harmful climate extremes on an annual basis by the end of the century".

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"If the global warming is not content emergency, and if appropriate adaptation measures are not taken, approximately 350 million Europeans could be exposed annually to extreme weather risky by the end of the century", they stress.

The researchers analysed the probable impact of the seven most unsafe weather-related disasters - heatwaves, cold snaps, wildfires, river and coastal floods, windstorms and droughts - in the 28 countries of the European Union, together with Norway, Switzerland and Iceland.

"Climate change is one of the biggest global threats to human health of the 21st century", the team writes.

They also analyzed 2 300 disasters occurred during the period 1981-2010 (disaster type, country, year, number of deaths) to estimate the vulnerability of populations to each of these phenomena.

On Wednesday, a study in the journal Science Advances said South Asia, home to a fifth of the global population, could see humid heat rise to unsurvivable levels by century's end.

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Northern European countries, such as the United Kingdom, were in safer territory with an expected three weather-related deaths per million of the population.

They combined this with climate change predictions and estimates of population trends and migration patterns.

That said, these projections are a long way off, and other researchers believe the results of climate change may not be quite that severe.

"It adds further weight to the powerful argument for accelerating mitigation actions to protect population health".

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