WATCH Michelle Carter Sentencing In Teen Text Killer Case

Carter is charged with involuntary manslaughter for encouraging Conrad Roy III to kill himself in July 2014

Defendant Michelle Carter listens to testimony at Taunton District Court in Taunton Massachusetts

Roy eventually killed himself in his truck in a Kmart parking lot in 2014, using a generator to fill the vehicle with carbon monoxide - at the encouragement of Carter.

If someone you know is struggling emotionally or having thoughts of suicide, call the Suicide Prevent Hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255) at any time.

Daniel Medwed, a law and criminal justice professor at Northeastern University, told Business Insider on Thursday that it was unlikely that Carter would be sentenced to 20 years in prison due to her young age at the time of the crime and her history of mental illness.

Carter was 17 when she sent Roy a barrage of text messages and phone calls encouraging him to follow through on threats he had made to kill himself. Roy responded by asking about Carter's day.

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The sensational trial in Taunton offered a window into teen depression and suicide through text messages and Facebook communications.

"This court must and has considered a balancing between rehabilitation, the promise that that rehabilitation would work and a punishment for the actions that have occurred", Judge Lawrence Moniz of Bristol County Juvenile Court said, announcing the sentence in a crowded courtroom.

The judge rejected a theory of involuntary intoxication raised by psychiatrist Peter Breggin, a defence witness who testified that Carter's own medication would have hindered her state of mind.

The incident and the trial following the arrest of Carter was one of the trending topics on social media as the language she used to persuade her boyfriend to commit suicide was intensely persuasive. "It's always gonna be that way if you don't take action".

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Moniz allowed Carter to return home and she won't be jailed until her appeals are exhausted.

For several weeks, Michelle Carter had sent him dozens of text messages to convince him to finish, featuring regularly in doubt about its determination to pass the act, and leaving him to hear that his parents would not be affected. He also said she was hoping to get her broker's license and become a real estate agent.

The defense argued that Roy had been determined to take his own life and that Carter was troubled and was simply "dragged" into Roy's suicidal journey. Cataldo also argued that Carter's words amounted to free speech protected by the First Amendment. "Michelle was a troubled, vulnerable teenager in an extremely hard situation and made a tragic mistake", he wrote. Carter and Roy had met on vacation in Florida through their families, but once both were back in MA, they rarely saw each other. "The court finds that the conduct caused the death of Mr. Roy".

The infamous exoneree published an opinion piece for the Los Angeles Times saying "Michelle Carter deserves sympathy and help, not prison", just a few hours after Carter was sentenced.

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