South Korea, US discuss greater THAAD deployment

South Korea, US discuss greater THAAD deployment

South Korea, US discuss greater THAAD deployment

With China not wanting to use its influence to control the North Korean government, USA options seem limited.

Had it been fired at a standard trajectory, the rocket could have reached Los Angeles, Denver and Chicago and would have even had NY and Boston within its sights, according to analysts.

The test reportedly occurred at the Sinpo Naval Shipyard on Sunday and is the third of its kind in less than a month. North Korea threatened Hawaii and Alaska specifically.

South Korea, US discuss greater THAAD deployment
South Korea, US discuss greater THAAD deployment

"We made an alliance decision with the Republic of Korea government a year ago to deploy THAAD to the Korean Peninsula as a defensive measure", Davis told reporters at the Pentagon. "We're going to be able to handle them". It will be handled. THAAD is created to launch ground-to-air missiles that seek and destroy enemy ballistic missiles.

It comes after North Korea fired an intercontinental ballistic missile with a range of 6,500 miles on Friday night - far enough to reach major USA cities. While the Pentagon said that North Korea still doesn't possess the technology to successfully fit a nuclear warhead on their ICBMs, their Hwasong-14 missile has the capability to reach Hawaii or Alaska.

CNN reported earlier this month that North Korea had sent a diesel-powered Romeo Class sub on an unprecedented patrol and had been outfitting its Gorae Sub with a possible missile launch demonstration tube.

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The ejection test was carried out on land at Sinpo Naval Shipyard on Sunday, the US defense official told CNN.

The submarine's activity was different than the typical training activity usually observed closer to shore, according to the officials.

That activity caused US and South Korean forces to slightly raise their alert level, according to one official.

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The US military has maintained heavy surveillance on North Korean submarine activity following the 2010 Cheonan incident where a North Korean sub torpedoed a South Korean ship.

North Korea's ICBM flew nearly 900 km and reached a maximum altitude of more than 3,700 km during the test on July 28, leading experts to believe it could reach a large part of United States territory.

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